In order to tackle the climate crisis we need a European Green New Deal up to the climate emergency.

We need a Real Green Deal.

The new President of the Commission announced for the first 100 days of your mandate a “Green Deal for Europe including the first European Climate Law”.

But isolating houses, boosting clean transport, energy and agriculture requires massive investment, between 175 and 1 115 billion € per year. Indeed, different sources give different numbers but all of them are far above what is currently planned to fund the EU Green Deal. 5 years ago, president Jean-Claude Junker promised that the commission would invest more on renewable energies, but investment went down 25%!

Now the European Central Bank announced it will create 240 billion € in the next 12 months, but most of it risks going to speculation.

How could anyone understand that this money is not fully used for climate action ?

To make the European Green New Deal succeed, it needs Green New Money

We need to declare climate emergency and immediate increased EU climate action.

For a Real Green Deal, these 3 solutions must be included in the Climate Law :

  1. Stop all fossil subsidies and investments. We want a European regulation that prohibits brown financing by all governments, banks (private and public, such as the EIB) and all insurance companies operating in Europe.
  2. Adopt the Climate-Employment Pact: a Climate Bank providing 300 billion euro per year in zero interest loans, and a Climate Budget of 100 billion euros per year financed by a European profit tax on large companies.
  3. End the aviation fuel tax exemption in Europe : cut aviation CO2 emissions and bring in 27 billion €/year for climate action

We solemnly call on Members of the European Parliament and Governments representatives from all sides to join this call for a Real Green Deal.